The Resource Guide: A complete list of supplies used in Emily Jeffords Studio

The Resource Guide: A complete list of supplies used in Emily Jeffords Studio


Have you ever wandered down the many aisles of an art supply store and felt a ton of overwhelm? YEP. Me too. And, honestly, 90% of those materials are poor quality and/or terrible for the environment and your health.

Let’s skip all that nonsense.

I am pulling back the curtains and sharing ALL the good stuff: direct links to every product, art supply, and tool I use to create a wide variety of artwork as well as insights into why I chose each product. Woohoo!


Along with links and lists and descriptions, this resource guide is full of insight into why I have chosen these items and ways you can establish a healthy, vibrant studio practice.

This guide is not just a clickable document. Not at all... It is 37 pages of inspiration, the keys to a sustainable practice, and confidence that your work is being created with the best products!

I’ve been a full-time artist for over 9 years and have the huge responsibility/honor of bringing in a significant amount of my family’s income (actually, 100% of it for several years) so I have become a bit of an expert on which supplies are the best investment for my business while also keeping in mind the cost of everything.

As in everything, quality is key and well-made art supplies go a long way in creating fine art, so I don’t skimp on the important things but I also don’t splurge on tools that are not going to serve me well — and you shouldn’t either!

  • This resource guide will lead you to a healthier studio practice!
    I transformed my studio into a place in which I and my children can thrive by removing toxic mediums, solvents, additives, and sprays and limiting all contact with harmful metals (found in many paints). This guide will help you navigate the path toward a healthier, greener studio and will lead you to the exact all-natural materials I use.

  • And when I say “I share everything”, I literally mean EVERYTHING.
    To put this list together, I turned over every receipt for every art supply I have purchased in the past 2 years and, boom! The Resource Guide was born!

To give you a brief overview of what you will find, included in The Resource Guide (links directly to the source):

brushes: oil, acrylic, watercolor (my favorite handmade brush maker also has a little gift for you!)

paints: oil, acrylic, watercolor

Recommended Paint Colors

Solvents, oils, & painting tools

Paint palettes

surfaces: paper, canvas, panel, ornaments, etc.


Other mediums, kits, & tools: cyanotype, paper & fabric marbling, oil pastels, all-natural vine charcoal and other charcoals, graphite…


…along with my reasons for choosing these goods so you are better informed and can chose the supplies that are right for you!

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