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a 12 week course & community
enabling artists and creatives to thrive

because artists should not suffer & creatives do not need to starve 




Imagine feeling freedom to create the work that you are most inspired to make knowing your business will sustain you and offer you space to grow.

Imagine connecting with your audience in a way that FEELS good, is effective, and leads to excited customers, collectors, & devoted fans. And BTW, we’re taking all the fresh marketing ideas, getting rid of the slime, and reimagining them so that they beautifully align with your work, voice & vision.

Imagine creating a lifestyle around your personal values and creating space for inspiration and personal growth (without fearing for your bottom-line).

Making Art Work offers you the tools & strategies needed to share your creativity with the world

  • Fresh lessons drop every Monday

  • Community conversations happen daily

  • Weekly coursework + application assignments

  • LIVE 60 min Q&A each Friday — yep! We get to talk about creativity + business for 12 hours. ;)

  • Smaller Peer Groups of 4-5 creatives (optional, but highly recommended!)

  • Enrollment is limited, but wide enough to allow for varying perspectives & a strong, valuable network.


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Good art can speak for itself — however, good art deserves to be spoken about, built up, brought into the light, shared consistently, supported, & championed boldly. And who better to do that than YOU, the maker?

This course will guide you through creating a vibrant studio business, marketing, sharing, and offering your work to the world elegantly & effectively.

You will leave our time together knowing exactly how to bring your work to the world in the most impactful way possible.




week 1: Sustainability 

  • Creating a long-lasting Creative career 

  • Establishing your “highest work”

  • Investing energy where it serves you best

  • Goal Setting: creating a path to success

  • Clarifying your business’ core values

  • Powerful Mantras + Mindsets

2: Marketing organically & creating A Lifestyle Brand

  • What is a lifestyle brand and how can you create one

  • Finding your ideal customer when you create for yourself

  • Marketing isn’t Advertising

  • Recipe for Reception (how to hear “YES” way more often)

  • Freeing your mind: creating a sustainable Marketing Calendar

3: Setting up Shop 

  • Defining the goal of YOUR website

  • Designing, mapping, & storytelling through your website

  • Branding + Visuals 

  • Writing in your brand’s voice

  • Shop Talk: nitty gritty aspects of running a complex online shop (listing descriptions, listing details, shipping profiles…)

4: Images + brand aesthetics

  • Creating a clear brand aesthetic 

  • iPhone Photography (in the studio & everywhere)

  • Apps, Tech, & Gear

  • DIY photoshoot / flatlay styling

  • Hiring a photographer

5: using Social Media to meet
your collectors

  • How to use Instagram & Instagram Stories like a pro

  • Creating a space of community

  • Sharing the lifestyle behind your work

  • Strategy for Growth and for Depth

  • Apps, Tech, & Photography

6: Diversify your creative business

  • Expanding and diversifying the physical goods you offer

  • Creating a healthy product line — but maintaining the value of your highest work

  • How to offer commissions and not get burned out

  • Offering Services as a fine artist / maker

  • How to host in person events: classes, retreats, workshops…

  • Valuing your knowledge and sharing it as part of your fine art business

7: Pricing for profit 

  • Pricing your work for sustainable success AND sales

  • Establishing a healthy Money Mindset

  • Creating healthy sales funnels 

  • Staying “in the black”

  • Speaking about your prices confidently

8: offering Collections + Selling Your Work

  • Creating a body of work that is from your soul AND resonates with your audience.

  • Collection Launch! Getting your audience excited and ready to purchase

  • 4 different ways to sell your high-end goods online

  • Marketing schedule for a successful launch

  • Turning strangers into collectors

  • Creating a sustainable release schedule

9: Sending really good emails

  • Keeping your customers happy

  • Sending super clear customer service emails in your brand voice

  • Pitching your work to brands and companies

  • Getting your work featured on blogs and magazines

  • Creating collaborative environments with companies and creatives

10: Marketing 102: Content + community

  • Attracting the right humans by being yourself

  • Creating space for community

  • Content creation across multiple outlets for quick, deep, authentic growth

  • Sharing your content in The Three Spaces 

  • Establish yourself as The Expert

11: the magic of a newsletter for your studio and creativity 

  • Effective Email Marketing for Creatives

  • Creating effective “lead generation”

  • What does your audience want to hear?

  • Sharing EVERYTHING — but elegantly & simply

  • Automating your Newsletter Flow

12: Sustainable Creativity + The Mindsets of Success

  • Money Mindset (again because we need it) ;)

  • Setting your business up for success

  • Thoughts are Power

  • Revisiting your goals

  • How to say “no” 

  • Reverse engineering your dreams



It’s true, we are going to cover A LOT of goodness, but rather than overwhelm, the content is designed to inform, inspire, & act as a resource for your current AND future success.

You can come back to individual topics as often as you like.




Fine artist, six-figure business owner, mother of three little ones, educator and mentor to thousands of creatives, retreat host, & free-spirited, multi-passionate creative.

I began my creative career quietly in my home studio with my first-born baby at my feet. My goal was to bring in $400 a month through my studio practice (nearly replacing the part-time minimum-wage job I left to stay home with our first baby).

My practice grew slowly and gently, bringing new adventures, growth, revenue, collectors, and collaborations year after year of showing up, establishing myself, refining my work, and saying yes to big goals.

Since that humble beginning, I have sold thousands of original paintings to collectors around the globe (not to mention nearly 20k reproductions from my studio), collaborated with international brands, licensed my work with companies like Anthropologie, Schoolhouse Electric, & West Elm, and have brought in a handsome six figure salary year after year with my art sales alone.

I have also had the honor of teaching over 12,000 artists and creatives in online classes and in-person retreats, represented companies as an influencer and advocate, launched a podcast, and run an Artist’s Mastermind.

I say all this not to pat myself on the back, but to show you that there IS another way for artists to survive and THRIVE in this ripe and receptive climate we are blessed to live within. And yes, without selling out, partnering with a world famous gallery, or using any slimy marketing tactics!

BUT HERE’S THE DEAL: Creatives are often put in a box, told that “they should just be happy to be creating,” and are generally undervalued and underpaid because of society norms and the lies we internalize. I want to boldly revolutionize that vision by empowering creatives to step into their own brilliance.

We create beauty — and beauty is extremely valuable.




Good things are ahead,
but only when you invest in your own success!

  • Time (2-6 hours per week - depending on your needs)

  • Intentional mindfulness + thoughtfulness

  • Willingness to make dynamic change

  • Bravery to set big goals

    2020 cost will be announced soon


Questions? See below.

enrollment is currently closed



If you have been given something beautiful to share you have also been given the creativity, energy, knowledge, & resources needed to share it.








Do I need to be a fine artist to get the most out of Making Art Work? Not at all. The concepts we are covering span all creative practices, businesses, and disciplines.

I am an established creative, will this course be too basic for me? NO WAY. We will be covering concepts that will stretch all of us, concepts that you can take as far and as deep as you need to.
In my experience, the hardest thing about being a “successful” and “established” creative is knowing how and where to channel my (sacred and scarce) excess energy in the most powerful and effective way. This course will offer you the resources to knowledgeably and confidently decide what that means for your business. In addition, the value of community only increases the further down the path you get. It can be challenging to find peers who understand you business and will champion YOU as you become more and more successful. Trust me, I understand.

I’m just starting out. Will this course be too much for me? Oh gosh NO. This course is THE COURSE I wish they taught in art school. It will give you all the tools, resources, mindsets, and goals needed to establish a sustainable creative business. As long as you feel good with creating, I can help you with the rest. ;)

Will you help me refine my portfolio? I am offering 10 portfolio reviews to the FIRST 10 people to sign up for the course (but this is a special bonus). Outside of this I will be doing a few portfolio reviews as a part of the course content but not across the board. So sign up quickly if this is something you are interested in! We WILL be discussing marketability and creating work that resonates so advice on this topic will be coming your way.

Do I need to be in the US to participate? Nope! I hope to have creatives from all over the globe joining us!

What tools and supplies do I need? Not many! You will need access to a computer, a camera (iPhone, Android, and/or DSLR), and some work you are proud of. As we get into the course I’ll recommend some other tools, props, and supplies you might want to get, but these are the basics.

Can I purchase modules individually? Because this course is designed to build upon itself and bring your business all the way to profitability and sustainability, the content is not available in individual modules.

Will I be able to ask questions along the way? Oh YES! Both in the private Making Art Work Facebook group, in the Live Q&A, and in your smaller peer groups!

How do the peer groups work? The peer groups are 100% optional. If you opt in, we will assign you to a small group of 3-5 creatives. You will arrange meetings and talk via video chat as often as you choose (I recommend once a week). The benefits of a group like this are enormous!!! There is so much good in our collective wisdom, and it is so liberating and enabling to have a smaller tribe to talk with and be encouraged by! These groups are self-directed so you can turn it into what you need. No additional cost to participate in a peer group.

How many hours a week will I need to devote to Making Art Work? I recommend at least 2 hours (one to breeze through the class content and one for the Live Q&A), but you will get much more out of the course if you are able to spend 4-6 hours with the content, workbooks, and in the community discussion.

It’s worth stating again that this course is 100% SELF-PACED. The class content will be released each Monday and we will have a Live Q&A each Friday, but if this feels too rushed for you — totally fine! You are able to take it as slowly as needed.

What if I get into the course and realize it’s not for me? Totally fine! You will have 30 days to request a refund. Just show me your completed worksheets so I know you have done your best to make the course work for you, & I will cancel your enrollment no questions asked! Certain terms and conditions apply.

How long will I have access to the course content? 24 months. I may extend this, but I am committing to hosting the content and classroom platform for at least that amount of time so that you can revisit it as often as you like!

Will you be offering this course again this year? Making Art Work will only be available ONCE in 2019. I will offer this course again next spring (please note the course will cost $997 in 2020).
Remember, you can take this course on your own timeline. If April 8th - June 28th is a bad time to focus on this course, no problem! You can dive in whenever your schedule allows.

Ok, I’m 99% sure this is for me. What else should I know? I’m so happy to hear that. I want you to know that you are on the right path and that your creativity is worth the all the investments you are already pouring into it (time, energy, love, money, passion, care…) because you are creating BEAUTY.
I want you to know that you can move forward with confidence and clarity. Stress and fear and suffering DO NOT have to play a roll in your process or lifestyle.
I am an open book. I will share as much goodness and knowledge as I possibly can in the course content and you are able and encouraged to ask me anything as we dive into the content together.
I want you to move into the rest of 2019+ feeling SO POWERFUL and STRONG and BEAUTIFUL and FREE.
Ahhh…. I’m so excited for you. Let’s do this.


additional questions? Slip me a note!

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