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a community of creatives committed to growth & sustainability

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Creative & Business “Challenge”


BTS: What’s happening in my studio


Live Q&A Discussion

What is “the collective”?

The Collective is a membership designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs and artists. This membership is going to transform your business and creative process through fresh educational content delivered each month, a community of passionate, inspiring, and empathetic creatives, and a monthly video conversation with me (Emily Jeffords).




I’m so happy you’re here.

THE FACT THAT YOU’RE HERE TELLS ME a few things about you. Let’s see if I’m on the right path…

ONE: you're a creative soul. You love to paint, draw, doodle... express yourself in art. Paint is your voice and graphite is your love language. (Cheers to that!)

TWO: You would much rather be creating art than hustling to sell it (same here!) Business is not your first love, but you also don’t really want to be beholden to someone else’s ideas or schedule. Making your own way in the world is really important to you.

THREE: You are either just starting out on this journey OR you are ready to really “level up”, refining and making improvements to your online presence, growing into an aspiration brand, (growing pains and all).

FOUR: You are longing for growth. Real, lasting, profitable, sustainable GROWTH. You are doing your thing, and it’s going pretty well… but what’s next?

FIVE: You’re kind of tired of hearing about “creative community” from everyone else while not really feeling it yourself. You want something more meaningful than “friends on facebook” and more real and honest that Instagram allows for.

SIX: Your creativity has sustained you through some pretty hard times in life. It’s been there for you and now it’s your turn to support and honor it by sharing it with the world in the right way at the right time.

Well… how’d I do?

If you’re nodding your head to most/all of these statements you are 100% in the right place!



Monthly Lesson & Education

Each month will have a 20-30 minute training on a topic specifically designed to further your creative business. Marketing, Social Media, Branding, Creative Sustainability…

Want to know exactly how to evolve and grow your business? Let’s work through the current trends and tried-and-true methods that create a successful & sustainable creative career.

This information will be tailored to those in the early years and those that way to really expand into the “professional” and “leadership” spaces.


Business & Creative Challenges

Together, we will follow actionable prompts that will help refine a specific area of business & your creative practice.

Think: “Let’s up-level our email newsletters! Revisit your welcome email and make sure it is current, offers 3 levels of value to your reader, and invites them to go deeper”
“Autumn is a season of warm tones. Add a little ochre to your creative work this month! Share your piece with the community using #OchreCollectiveChallenge”

emily jeffords studio session-0262.jpg

BTS: What’s Working In My Business

I run a rather complex and hoppin’ creative business. It is also super profitable! It’s not often that someone is willing to pull back the curtain and let you know what they’re working on and wrestling with… but I am!

Within this community, I will be offering you a look inside my studio and the things we are working on! I’ll share things I am experimenting with in my business as well as the methods and systems we rely on consistently to create a sustainable, highly productive studio.


and a LIVE monthly Q&A with Emily Jeffords


Let’s expand the notion of what a “creative business” can be.

By collectively sharing insight and lessons learned, our beautiful creative community will be stronger and healthier than ever before.





You are SO CLOSE to beginning this empowering & exciting journey.

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2020 ENROLLMENT will open in april




Who can join The Collective?

  • Artists and creatives of all skill levels and business sizes are welcome!

  • Check out the Artist’s Success Path to identify where you are on this path and insight to help you GROW.

Is this really going to help me make progress in my creativity + business?

  • YES. The content we are going to work through together is directly actionable for any creative business.

  • I will also be transparently sharing parts of my studio practices and marketing experiments each month so we can learn from them together.

  • When you are an active part of a community built on sustainable growth, you will see market progress because effective and nourishing practices are celebrated.

Is there a schedule for the monthly content?

  • There is! Each session will hold 4 elements which can be easily fit around your existing schedule:

    • Education to help you see progress in your creative business.

    • Creative and/or business “challenges”

    • Insight into my business and the behind-the-scenes look at the decisions I am making inside my studio.

    • A 45-60 minute LIVE Q&A discussion

    • Check out the syllabus here

How is the Collective Different From Making Art Work?

  • Making Art Work is a 12 week intensive course that will fully equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to run a thriving, profitable creative business.

  • The Collective is the perfect place to make gentle, steady, consistent progress. I will be showing up and walking alongside you in that process, offering insight to help you better your creative practice + business and creating an environment in which you can thrive longterm.

Do I need to take the “Making Art Work” course first?

  • Nope! The Collective the PERFECT pairing to Making Art Work, but the course is not a prerequisite.

  • Making Art Work goes into great depth on the mindsets, tools, and steps needed to further your creative career, and The Collective is the place to make steady progress on your goals within a supportive environment.

how long do I have to stay in the collective?

  • As long as you would like! 1 month, 12 months, 100 months… You can cancel at any time.

How often will Emily be interacting with the community?

  • I will be the community answering questions weekly and will hosting a live Q&A / conversation each month. As anyone who has been in this kind of community with me knows, I am an open book and delight in creating a safe spaces where we can all grow!

Will I be able to join a community of creatives?

  • Yes ma’am! I am such a firm believer in the power of creative community. It's effect on your progress and growth as a creative business owner is extremely transformative.

  • The Collective Community is a vibrant and valuable part of this membership, and I’m so excited for you to join us!

When can I join The Collective?

  • Enrollment in the 2019 Collective is only open until August 31st. Enrollment will not publicly open again until Spring of 2020!

    Join the waiting list to get an early invitation in 2020!




beginning in September, 2019

(ENROLLMENT open August 20th - 31st)